How To Cancel MTN Unwanted Services and Subscriptions | Kids Club, 2can Play Subscriptions

mtn unwanted subscription

Without saying too much, almost all of us have experienced one of these subscriptions before, if its not about caller tune, it will be kids club or 2can play or any of those subscription.

In this post I will be sharing with you how unsubscribe not even one but to unsubscribe from all or any of the subscription.

MTN can be annoying at times, because no one understand how this subscriptions are done, most time they are done automatically and you wont know until they start deducting money from your account.

It has happened to even me when I was debited about 400, 600 and even 800 for no reason, later I discovered they activated extra-time on my line without me pressing anything or activating it myself.

All these can be frustrating and annoying at the same, but I’m here to save you from them, just follow the step below and you are good.


Dial *305#

After dialing this code, they will ask you if you want to see your current subscription which is usually the first option you can reply with, so you will just reply with 1.

mtn services

Then after that they will show you all of the subscription you are having, all the unwanted services you have subscribed to or maybe someone else or even them their selves has subscripted you to.

Now the big deal here is you are advised to cancel all subscription you see under this menu because none of them really have any benefit except that they will be deducting from your balance unnecessarily.

You are going to repeat this step from dialing the code *305# till the end (when you have successfully unsubscribe from the service) for every service you find under this menu.

If you can do this then you are good.



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