Home Remedy – How to Remove Stain From Clothes Using Onions

onion and shirt

We all have that favorite white shirt we love to wear, Suit and tie Twitter we have that white shirt that complement our blue or black suit.

For some that stylish white shirt that stands out in our wardrobe. But there’s this challenge with white shirt, they’re quickly to show dirt, most at the armpit and neck region.

Some would have map of the Atlantic and Africa drawn at those regions, you’ll wash them but those Map shaped stain still remain.

Our ladies with white under pant, even after washing in warm water you still see those yellowish coloration and it’s not thoroughly clean. We have a simple farming community’s way to clear it off, you won’t even see it there anymore.


– You need only Onions

– Slice the Onions

– Rub the open part on the thoroughly on the white shirt (neck and armpit) while you rub the underpants too

– Wash it immediately (please do not soak) – Wash with detergent or your normal soap

– Sun dry it

– The marked part will clear off, you won’t see it again Note – This is for educational purposes not medical advice.


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