7 Times Designers Should Say No to Clients

A graphic designer on Twitter has took to his page to share with his fellow designers to when he think a designer should say NO to their clients, well, this post is not a to be taken too seriously as it just a post I am writing just for fun and probably people will be able to learn one or two from here.

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Below are what he put on his page and my opinion about his words will follow.

1. “Can you do something similar to that designer’s work” He said designers should say not to this.

I am so much against this, nothing in the world seems to be one and only, you probably won’t see something someone have never seen or something someone has never done, Meta copied Twitter and even a lot of designs happened after been inspired by another design but definitely along the line the creativity in you will kick in.

2. “I created this using MS Word can you start from here?”

Lmao wft design with MS Word, I will agree to this, if you start with MS Word, finish it with it.

3. “Can you work for free”

Well, this was not supposed to be answered with “Yes” but in some cases you do free job to earn good job, I think designers should just do what works for them, its your bill, you will know how to sort it.

4. “I suddenly have another idea can we change the whole design, No… unless you want to pay double”

I thing every designer is a victim of this, because you can’t always design to your client taste no matter how good they describe what they want for you but I think client should be satisfied.

5. “We don’t have any content yet, can you design a draft… No, I’m not a soothsayer, neither am I a magician”

I will go with his opinion on this, if you do it for them they might end up using the draft even with watermark without paying you, but the best is to let them know you don’t do such.

6. It’s urgent can you do it really quick? No, My brain doesn’t have a time lapse feature”

well, I think if you are capable of doing a good job very fast you should just give it to them and get paid asap, some works come with condition.

Check out the original tweet on Twitter


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