The Misery of the Chess Game (Part 1)

setup-chess-boardIf you are here you are more likely to have heard about the game and probably you might have played it or see people playing it.

Well according to title of this post, “Misery” the painful part of the game, the part of the game in which most player is scared of, lol.

While the Chess game is completely a game of strategy and critical thinking it can surprising at times when an average rated player win a grandmaster, well I’m a living proof when I won a player rated 2100 in a tournament posted in one of my Chess WhatsApp Group, that is more than 800 points rated above than me, lol and I won but there are other factors that could cause things like this; like lack of concentration, having something on mind (that will also make the player to lose concentration), meaning not concentrating 100% is the most likely cause losing to a player rated far below or maybe you are just unlucky.

One of unfortunate things that happen in Chess is if you have not checkmate you must never relent, some players won’t even pay full attention because their opponent is rated below them, you’d be shocked when you are blocked and hooked in every corner, lol.

Do not let online rating fool you, always play your game your way, highly rated player plays blunders too, and when it comes to online game, most players play with their mobile device and anything can happen while playing with mobile devices, lol

Let check a game with lucky win caused by unintended move by a Class B Chess player with username Chakxx (Nigeria) against Isamaila (Nigeria).


Chakxx could play Rook at E4 to E7 to take Isamaila’s Queen but he misclicked and moved the Queen at E3 to E2, what I great chance missed.


In this case Chakxx couldn’t continue playing because after the death of his Queen, the Rook and Queen at F6 and F7 respective are waiting for the slightest chance to arrest his King.

Definitely, Isamaila was lucky in this game, but what is the probability of having this kind of luck in another game.

Another problem can be internet problem which will disconnect you from the ongoing game and that’s straight disqualification.

Chess can be frustrating at times, when you just keep losing try to stop playing, relax, some might say you are not ready to learn, but trust me it will only be draining you mentally and might get you frustrated and even cause headache, when you are not feeling vibe the best is to stop playing till later when you really feel like playing.

Chess can get your nervous, control your mood when you take it too seriously; you won’t like yourself when you are losing and definitely you cant be wining every day, you lose some you win some. Take it easy, take gently…



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