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Minecraft Mod APK

Minecraft is a game made of blocks that can be transformed into anything you can imagine. Play with unlimited resources in Creative mode or find tools to avoid danger in Survival mode.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s seamless cross-platform play allows you to adventure alone or with friends through an infinite, randomly generated world full of blocks to mine, biomes to explore, and mobs to befriend (or fight).

Discover. In Minecraft, the choice is yours – play it your way!

Expand your game:
Minecraft Marketplace – Discover the latest community creations in the Marketplace! Unique worlds, skins and more from your favorite creators , get the texture pack.

Slash Commands – Streamline Gameplay: Gift items, summon mobs, change the time, and more.

Add-ons – Customize your experience further with free add-ons! If you have more technical knowledge, you can modify data-driven in-game behavior and create new resource packs.


Realms and Realms Plus – Play with up to 10 friends on a variety of platforms anytime, anywhere on Realms, our own private servers hosted by us. Realms Plus gives you instant access to over 150 Marketplace items added monthly. Share with friends on your own private Realms server. Try his 30-day free trial of the app.

Multiplayer – Play online with up to four friends using your free Xbox Live account.

What’s new:

What’s new in version
Aquatic update is here!

Turtles and baby turtles! Collect the skin that hatchlings drop when they shed their shells and make a turtle shell helmet!

New enemy mob: Watch out for the drowned!

Collect nautilus shells and craft elusive conduits to gain special underwater powers!

Bubble columns on the ocean floor and under the sea Go back and forth between.

Give a dolphin a fish and it will help you find a shipwreck.

Minecraft Mod APK 789MB


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