MTN Best and Cheapest Data Subscription 2024

It is a common knowledge that mtn usually give their subscribers cheap or free airtime or data every year, it might not be more than one time in a year but definite it is going to happen at least one time in a year and now is the time of the year.

It has happened again, and people are rushing the data, you might want to hurry and get yours before it cast and get cancelled.

Well, there may be several ways to do the sub as there are several USSD codes that you can dial to get the sub.

In this post I will be sharing with you ways to get both airtime and data sub that are cheapest in the street of Naija, let’s go.

Firstly, lets check the legit ones and the later we will share the ones that may not really last long but are completely free.

MTN Cheapest Sub in 2024

Digital Sub

This sub is only available in the My MTN App, and the known most cheap data sub as at when we are writing this post, download the MTN App to enjoy.

The 121 Menu (*121#)

This menu has been existing for a very long time for more than 2 years, and it comprise of a lot of very cheap data sub.

The menu changes from time to time depending on how much and often you recharge on your line, if you have always been reaching a lot you are more likely to get big data subs ranging from 5k sub upward and vice versa.

Note: If *121# is not working use *121*1# or 2 or 3

My MTN App

It is a common method for subscribers, these days MTN subscriber scout the app often to check for offers and cheap data subs, you might want to join to train so as to get some not-very-costly data sub.

Unfortunately, there is no ongoing MTN sub cheat.


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