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Spider-Man 2 for PSP is one of the coolest Spider-Man games ever made. Imagine swinging around New York City as Peter Parker, fighting bad guys. You can now play this awesome Spider-Man game on your Android using the PPSSPP emulator.

Here are some cool things about Spider-Man 2 PPSSPP game:

Big City to Explore: Swing around a huge map of New York City. You can go everywhere – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Use Spider-Man’s web to swing between buildings in this super cool world.


Awesome Swinging Moves: Spider-Man 2 has the best swinging moves in any Spider-Man game. Shoot webs between buildings and feel the rush as you fly high above the streets. Do tricks while swinging to go faster and show off cool moves.

Spider Abilities: Use all of Spider-Man’s cool powers like shooting webs, making web shields, and throwing things with webs. Get new powers and make your Spider-Man even cooler as you play.

Fight Bad Guys: Take on enemies from the Spider-Man world like Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Mysterio, Shocker, and other bad guys causing trouble in the city. Use your Spidey senses to find them.

Great Story and Acting: The game has a cool story that fits with the Spider-Man 2 movie. The voices of characters like Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and Dr. Octavius make the game even more fun.

Good Graphics: Even though it was made for the PSP, the game still looks good on the PPSSPP emulator. The characters and the city look awesome.

Lots of Things to Do: Besides the main story, you can do fun stuff like delivering pizza, racing, and stopping car thieves. Look for hidden tokens around the map.

Costumes to Unlock: Collect tokens to unlock 26 different Spider-Man costumes from the comics, like the Symbiote suit.

Play with Friends: Challenge your family or friends in multiplayer battles using Wi-Fi. Fight in different places and pick from different characters.

Spider-Man 2 for PSP is a blast to play, with lots of cool things to do and explore. Give it a try on your Android with the PPSSPP emulator!

Spider Man 2 ISO File

Other files you might need to install for Spider Man 2 PSP ISO File for Android

  1. Download the android PPSSPP emulator of Android Here and for PC Here
  2. Get the Zip decompressor here


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