Life Style What to Expect in NYSC Camp and My Experience

What to Expect in NYSC Camp and My Experience

As much as we work so hard to read and write during our University days, will it not be sweet if life becomes easy afterwards but no, it doesn’t, it’s just the beginning of man’s life, never thought there is still a lot to go through pertaining to academics after University, but here I am almost crying.

They said “Being a man is not a day job”, even being a woman is not easy, because anybody that has passed through what I am about to write is a man and even if she’s a woman, she’s still a man.

What Happens After The University Days.
  1. Clearance and Certificate collection:
  2. Going for NYSC (National Youth Service Corps)
  3. Life after NYSC ( The real-thing)

1. Clearance and Collection of Certificate.

Many people will see this as no big deal, but it actually is, it might not be provided you are from a rich home, but for someone like us, being a hustler as a teenager,  I can definitely tell you it’s a big deal.

Well, apart from the financial aspect of it, there is actually no big deal, only for some stress you might need to pass through and it can’t be anything compared to the stress you have been passing through since you got admission.

All these it definitely because I’m not from a wealthy family, all these will not happen provided I already have some money to spend for everything.

2. Going for The NYSC

After finishing with the clearance and all, you can now prepare to go for the National Youth Service, man, this can be frustrating as hell, if you now have to go for service in an undeveloped country, damn! They will stress life out of you.

The First Day on Camp.

I’ve scheduled to travel to Bayelsa on Thursday which was tomorrow, man, all my mind is already there, I’ve seen it on Google map that it can take more than 7 ½ hours but we spent more than 9 hours on the road.

When we got there (Kaima) the bus dropped me and I took bike to Boro Town where the camp is actually is.

I couldn’t finish my documentation that day, so after completing the documentation the second day, I go the Kit and every thing.

When I was in camp, thank God I had a work at home that was fetching me some money for food and other things, because the food they will be giving to corp members on camp can be so disgusting, you cant possibly eat all of what they will give to you, and my country having many tribes, they have planned to feed us with different types of foods from by tribes, so when they prepare the one that you can’t eat, you will have no choice than to go the mammy market and  buy some if truly you want to eat and satisfy yourself, and if you don’t really mind, you can eat what they give to you and just manage for the period of the camp.

There will be some time you will not have enough strength to do all they will be instructing you to do, meanwhile, you must do it, you can only be pardoned if they see it in you that you are sick, how will you now fake the sickness? Well, if you can fake it, then you will be pardoned, otherwise, its you and the soldiers for that 21 days. Lol.

When it reach the 11th day, remaining 10 days to go, that’s when you will be dreaming of leaving the place, but for some people that are already enjoying the activities on camp, they might not even remember the remaining days to be spent on camp, but me, I will definitely remember because nothing we are doing on camp looks interesting to me, till the last day.

The Last Day.

The last day on camp can be so troublesome and pressuring, when I did my relocation (Relocation is when you have requested to be transfers to another state or region for the service period apart from where you camped), I was told I wont be given PPA letter if my relocation was successful but damn, on that day I was given PPA letter to report Yenogoa which is the state capital of Bayelsa state where we camped that time.

That was how I contacted the guy that did the relocation for me that I was given PPA letter, he told me not to worry to proceed going home cos I have already order for bus to take me home with 7 others, meanwhile I was the one that gather the other 7 people (also corp members) that we were going to Osun State from Bayelsa State, I was so disturbed that what will I tell the driver or how am I supposed to do things with the PPA letter I was given, because anyone that has been given PPA letter was supposed to report the PPA to get accepted or rejected and proceed for documentation afterwards.

After contacting the relocation guy, he told me to be going home, that I’ve got no problem at all that I will soon see the relocation on my dashboard, that was when I started calming myself down and started going to the bus I ordered at park outside the camp.

Without so much talk, that was how the camp was.


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