Why You Must Avoid Using Phone in The Toilet… Avoid Using Your Phone In The Toilet, For These 3 Reasons

phone in toilet

Using phone iin the toilet have become habit among today’s youth and no doubt we all know is not a good habit but due to the fact we enjoy ourselves doing it, All you do, is sit there, away from disturbance, and enjoy latest trends on the social media.

It’s no longer a secret that majority of us do it. But it’s really a bad habit and can be dangerous to our health.

Avoid Using Your Phone In The Toilet, For Theses reasons.

1. Can Cause A Terrible Sickness

Using your phone, while sitting in the toilet, is really not the major problem. But, you would agree with me, that while using your phone in the toilet, you may likely get carried away, and become unconscious of your environment.

Because of this reason, you end up spending longer time than you are meant to in the toilet. This act causes stain and much pressure on the anus. This will lead to blood pulling up, which can end up causing a pile.

Pile can be really irritating and uncomfortable, it’s not a good thing to experience.

2. Dangerous Toilet Micro Organisms

The toilet is strictly meant for passing out waste, and is no place to have fun or stay for a long while. While using your phone, Micro Organisms flying around, can end up on the phone screen and other parts. Most people don’t even take time to clean their phones screens after coming out of the toilet.

These Micro Organisms, from the phone, may find its way into our bodies, and this can be very hazardous.

3. Damaging Your Phone

This might not be as important as the others, but it’s also very much possible to damage your phone in the toilet.

It might mistakenly fall off your hand, or end up in a bucket of water. This should also considered, even if it’s not common, it’s possible.

For your safety, don’t use your phone in the toilet. Thank you, stay safe!


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