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Top Best PSP Games for Android


These games will be categorized based on the below game mode or type so feel free to check them out, download the game ROM or iso and start playing.

  1. Football and sport games
  2. Action-Adventure games
  3. First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)
  4. Crime – Adventure games
  5. Combat or fighting games
  6. Racing games


Computer Virus

Some people really care less when it comes to the security of their devices, meanwhile the device might be containing files that can negatively affect their life if got missing, Knowing various of virus is a thing all of us must take serious to know how to deal with them, without letting them getting the best of us.

What is a Computer Virus?

We have seen a computer and we all are still thinking how that sat down and build a computer, but have you heard about viruses and how they works, sometimes I use to think about this thing they call Virus, how it works, how it was created and why it was created.

In a simple language, a virus is code created by human, to infect other programs on a computer and is capable of reproducing itself.

Are you also wondering why someone will sit down and think about creating a virus? Yes, people creates virus, some do that for a living.

When someone create and virus, his main target is to infect another computers, giving another computer a type of problem it is not willing to have, but if the virus can eventually get to it, it is surely going to have the problem.

There are several ways of contacting a virus, just like the human system, someone can catch a virus by physical contact, some can be caught through air, some can be caught through sex.

All these that we mentioned above goes the same way for computer viruses also, computer can contact virus through internet (emails and other file transferring platforms),
The main work virus does is to steal your file, your personal belonging on your computer and bring discomfort to your computer usage experience.

These virus might want to steal your social media accounts and your banking accounts, that’s why you have to get yourself prepared, and create whatever you can use to defend yourself in case you are under computer virus attack.

Common Types of Computer Viruses

Cybercriminals are always on building their selves in getting better stealing what belong to us with the use of virus, there are more than a million of computer virus in the world, but we just have to bring to u those we are familiar with.

1. File-infecting Virus

This is the type of virus get their selves attached to installation programs, they are also called parasitic virus, and they infect a type of files having something like .exe, .extension.

Some of these virus can change what is inside the file to boot and make their self comfortable in your files, taking away the ability of the file to install, now the file will be giving a reply saying installation error with some alphanumeric code, indicating the type of problem it really is.

2. Macro Virus

These viruses make their way into programs like Microsoft Office Word, Excel, they get to the program, act like part of files that make the program work and start to disturb the program performance when they finally got there, they can also store as part of the document.

3. Browser Hijacker

This type of virus disturbs your browsers setting and configurations, this can be the most dangerous type of virus because all our bank account can be stored in a browser like credit and debit cards, and if this virus can make their way there, it can affect the bank account.
Browser Hijackers can be very stubborn at times as we all know internet to be something very wide, they can disturb of your internet settings and make them misbehave.

4. Boot Sector Virus

These viruses are common back in the days when we boot system from floppy disk, and not now that we boot system from Hard Drives,
This type of virus make way into the computer and block the system from booting to the operating system whenever it is starting up.

7. Resident Virus

This type of virus just stay in your computer making itself feel at home, interfere with your operating system making your file and programs to corrupt and misbehave.


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