Free Browsing The Effect of Free Internet / Free Wifi

The Effect of Free Internet / Free Wifi

dangers of public wifi

The word free/public internet can mean a lot of things, some will call is freebies, free browsing and other several things people call it, actually, because it is public does not mean it will be free, but either public or free, none of them can be trusted.

This free internet can be a source of great evil especially to people that use internet for almost everything they do; business, daily life activities, bank app etc, if you use all or any of the above mentioned with internet, you are therefore advised to never use a free Wi-Fi or public internet anywhere.

Without much talk we all understand it to be very dangerous, but to what extent and in what cases should we avoid free internet, because definitely not all free or public internet will be harmful but how do we identify the harmful ones? The thing is there is definitely no way to identify a network intended for bad purposes, the best you can do is to avoid them all.

What could be done if someone falls victim of this crime?

In most cases if some joins a connection intended for crime purposes, what the criminal intended to do with it would have been done within the first 5 minutes, but if the victim is lucky he might have more time, but any which way, the victim will be enjoying the free connection while harm is being done to him.

Therefore, he might not be able to think about anything else the connection he/she is enjoying that very time, which might land him/her into a big trouble. That is why I will like to advise us to stay woke on which connection we get connected to just so we can avoid touching stories later run.

Psychologically, the use of anything free might not be the best especially when people it’s coming from are not that trusted, but if they are trusted enough, you might want to use it, but it’s definitely no advisable.

But What do they really have to lose if they hack into to your devices, maybe pc or mobile phones, or what else could happen, below are list of what are very likely to happen if you consistently use a free network.

  • Loss of data or files
  • To keep yourself safe (personal security)
  • To keep your device safe.

The first thing people consider before joining free wifi is the data/document on their devices, people have almost all of their life achievement on their devices, and could be destroyed or wiped away through a free wife connection.

If you really want to keep your files safe, you should consider not using a free or public wifi or internet anywhere, even from trusted sources, because it might not be actual supplier of the network that will do the work but someone else know who knows a lot of people use the network.

Another thing you should keep in mind before using public network is that the disadvantage doesn’t end at that taking your file or data, but they can also put something there, incriminating files or something else that might be against the law.

If you are a public figure, I can assure you that there will be a lot of people that will be beefing you for no reason they will just want to harm you for no particular reason, and if you are someone that is not really guiding up, it might be so easy for them to do.

We have seen some that was found guilty for in a court due to a file found in device, meanwhile he didn’t put the file in his device by himself but the opposition did, just so they can incriminate him and they actually did, it is more than easy for some people to implicate someone, that’s the world we are living in.

The last on my list here is about the your own device, actually, they might not be able to destroy the device completely, but there are devices that can actually but destroy by being hacked, that won’t be useful for certain things about being used for some things.

We will come back this post for part of how to keep devices safe at all times.


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