The Best Accessories to Help Improve Your Mac’s Performance

New Macs can be expensive and come with unfamiliar design changes: Chances are, you may prefer the analog feel of the four-year-old MacBook Pro keyboard you already have. If that’s the case, spending less money to improve your computer’s performance probably sounds more appealing than buying a completely new one.

Maxed-out memory and storage are typically the main culprits behind a poor-performing computer, but fortunately, some hardware on a Mac can be replaced and upgraded. Thanks to companies like, there are a bunch of different accessories you can buy to bring new life your beloved Mac. Here are eight of the best ones.

OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD
Upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) is a no-brainer. An SSD will instantly increase the performance and reliability of your Mac for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop.

There are no moving parts, so there’s less heat and a lower rate of hard drive failure. Your Mac will boot up to twice as fast with this drive, and you’ll see apps load almost instantly.

95W NuPower Battery Replacement Kit
Batteries have a finite number of charges, so when you hit the three-year mark and your battery has been recharged 300-500 times, you may notice that it barely holds a charge. This battery replacement kit is a great DIY solution that’ll have your Mac running like new in no time.

RAM Upgrades
Memory upgrades can provide the most bang for your buck when it comes to improving the performance of your Mac. OWC has an easy memory performance test optimized for Mac that will tell you exactly what you need to upgrade your computer. They also provide DIY videos that walk you through installation.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad RAID
This hassle-free backup system is for users who move lots of data. It provides up to 56TB of storage and works with all types of USB systems and is Thunderbolt 3 compatible as well.
Invest in a RAID system to move data off your computer knowing that it will be safely backed up.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock
A dock is a great way to expand the usability of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. With a dock, you can connect two 4K monitors and multiple external drives. Plus, there are plenty of ports for headphones, microphones, audio gear, and charging your notebook.

iFold Portable Stand and Cooling Pad
A cooler computer can extend battery life and the overall life of your Mac. Simply plug in an external keyboard and mouse and you’ve converted your laptop to a desktop.
The best way to stop slouching at your desk is to raise your monitor to eye-level. This iFold stand not only helps your posture and alleviates neck and wrist pain, but it also creates an open-air platform for your MacBook to rest on to assist in cooling.

NewerTech Keyboard Cover
If you are prone to spilling drinks or crumbs on your keyboard, then it’s time for you to get a keyboard cover. They provide a silky texture that protects your keys from wear and tear, and also prevent moisture, hair, and particles from falling behind the keys.

External Graphics System
The Mercury Helios FX is an external eGPU expansion chassis —meaning if you plug this into your MacBook (Pro or Air), you’ll be able to use an additional graphics card to increase performance over what is inside the computer.


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