Technology Might Ruin the World


Writing this article is one of the things I ever wanted to do, because everyday technology keeps increasing and keep blowing people’s mind mentally, affecting them physical, without leaving financially aside.

Technology is the reason I’m writing this and definitely without technology I can’t be writing this.

We all know technology to be a good thing, one of the best civilization to happen to human but it doesn’t mean it bad side should not be talked about, from when it was invented till this time we all only talk about how good it, but today, let’s view it from the other side.

It made this life easier to live, yeah, we know that, but still check out the below opinions.

Terrorism and Crime

This is indeed my greatest fear for technology, where people can do whatever they like on social media. Drug dealings, exposure to bad things, immoral videos and other inhuman action on the social media.

On the social media we have had some terrorist advising children to become terrorist, tempting them, showing them what’s not to be shown to small children.

Due to the fact that children are now exposes to something they suppose not know at their age, there is increase in crime and other bad things going on in the world as of today.

Bridge of Privacy

It is with this technology people are installing camera in people’s house, seeing what to be private to other people, you can’t even keep any secret on any storage being online or offline, once there is a leak, then it’s over, in less than 1 minute its trending online, known to the whole world.

Work Overload

I know this is crazy right, but we still have to talk about it, let’s take someone like me for example, where I spend my whole day working in the office and the whole night building my blog, there is even no time to rest, and we can’t even think of stopping it, because that’s how we feed family and make things right.

As a matter of fact, this technology we are talking about is even affecting me in many ways than I think, always taking my sleep away, and other things I can’t share online.

Social Disconnect

This digital world has made many people to disconnect from other people they probably should be with, imagine someone staying online for the whole day, being for work, game, shows or movies, won’t even have time to do any other thing, and this makes other people to be disconnected from them.


Imaging all my efforts writing this, how hard I’m brainstorming, minutes I spend cooking all these together, it wouldn’t take some else 5 seconds to press control C in this article to, that’s what computer has brought to us, you can’t even do your work in peace again, and still, we keep doing it.

Digital Media Manipulation

In this digital world, you can’t even share your picture online anyhow again, where there are Photoshop experts are, making your pictures to what it wasn’t, which leads to insults and defaming of names.

Media Manipulation has done many negative things in the life of people, people manipulates peoples work, spoiling people’s job, it has even made people lost their jobs and even life.

Scamming and Anonymity

This is even one of the greatest disadvantage of this thing they call technology or better still civilization.

Importance of internet to youth of today is even not more than scamming, stealing people’s money, with some acts of terrorism, talking about this only can take the whole day.

Overreliance on Gadgets

This is not supposed to be funny as people are now more than lazy, they can’t even work without gadget again, being electronic or manual, this has even made many children to be disobedient and lazy at the early stage of their life.

Without talking much, we all have one way or the other this technology thing is affecting us, drop it in the comment session, you can even share your ill-experience on technology, have a good day, Happy Val.


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