Others Teaching in the Modern Days

Teaching in the Modern Days

We all must have been to school at least once before, in one way or the other we must have been to school maybe for western education, to learn a skill or a particular work.

Does been taught mean one will be able to teach perfectly? Definitely, NO! we must have seen people teaching and it will look so simple like it is something everyone must be able to do, but the case will definitely be different when given marker and asked to stand before the students and teach them the very best thing you think you could teach.

The article will enlighten us on who a teacher is, how to teach and how to learn to teach.

Can teaching be learnt, yeah, it can, but with series of steps, firstly, let discuss who a teacher is…

Who is a teacher?

In a very short words, a teacher is someone that passes knowledge to another person. No matter how much you learnt about teaching or about your profession, if the person you are teaching is not able to grab or understand what you are teaching, then you are doing nothing.

Passing the knowledge maybe from your brain or from notebook or textbook, just from anywhere, you must be able to let the person you are teaching understand and acquire what you are teaching.

Now, a teacher must be able to teach a particular thing to a student or set of students, some who helps, students to acquire certain knowledge, skill, or feature.

Can Teaching be Learnt?

Yes is can be learnt, you can acquire the ability to teach, not everyone has the natural ability to teach. Teaching skill can be acquired by oneself or naturally (natural gift), the natural gifted teacher will be able to teach what he or she doesn’t know, in a very small time after briefing a note or textbook, it will just be as if he/she has been studying the whole thing for a long time.

How Can One Learn Teaching?

Apart from studying education in the university or wherever, you must still go to the classroom or the field of study and do it right in front of a professional teacher, who will be able to guide you and correct your mistakes, before you can be certified as a professional teacher, you must definitely have passed through several tests and examinations involving teaching students or pupils in the classroom.

Another means of learning teaching might involve texbooks, or online reading just to grab some skills, perhaps a documented skills of lecturers or teachers in the past, one can also grab one or two by reading such notes.

Is Teaching Profitable, Can one become a Billionaire through Teaching?

Is Teaching Profitable? Yes, there are lots of teachers out there making living easily and their only means of living is teaching, we have a lot of teachers and lecturers that are very important people in the society and they are only lecturing in polytechnic or university or teaching in the college.

Can one become a billionaire with the teaching profession?, I may not able to give a direct answer to that question, but verily, teaching is not a profession for the poor, we already have millionaire lecturers, and with time they can definitely become a billionaire if they invest their money in something very profitable.

To become a billionaire with the teaching profession might not be easily because, definitely, teachers and lecturers are salary earners, and most people spend more than half of their salary already become the salary comes, so, to already spend half become the month end or whenever it is the salary usually come in, and to pay for bills left and right the salary enters, there might be nothing left to save.

So if one is targeting to become a billionaire, teaching might not be the best profession for such people, but for people that just want to make a living, and probably become a millionaire, such people can go for teaching.


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