Life Style Staying Away From Being a Victim

Staying Away From Being a Victim

safeguarding assets

It is not even new to anyone else again as it has become something so common to be duped on the internet, even some people now take internet scamming as a permanent source of income and a way of life.

We all know most people buy things online, because it is very easy and there is no much stress involved, especially the aspect of money transfer as method of payment and home delivery as a method of goods delivery.

As a matter of fact, people have been using that very excuse to make people suffer, scamming people of their hard earned money, leaving many people hanging and for hunger to deal with.

Online market has become something common that even you can place advert on third party website that is not owned and managed by you, to make people have access to the large online market.

Some years back, we had the statistic of online shopper to be 76.6 million in Nigeria, which has led to increment in scammers, since there is increase in people demanding for goods online, definitely there are people ready to scam people online also, pretending to be vendors or sellers to be able to scam interested buyer of goods and services.

People uses fake website, fake social media account, pretending to be real or good people, naming the good online sellers bad names.

Before trading with anyone online you must look into the vendor’s page more closely, make sure you don’t suspect anything on his page, comment from people or posts before trading with him.

Make sure the trader you are about to trade with is having re-fund policy, so you review this policy and trade with them if their policy is ok by you, otherwise you trade somewhere else.

Have you ever been scammed online?, left with no reason to shop online anymore, No! That’s not the end; you can actually recover your money back, just try to read our predicted ways to recover your money.

Before we go to ways to retrieve lost assets, the best is to try as much as possible to let it not get lost in the first place, prevention is always better and easier than cure.

You must try as much as you can to avoid any sort of untraceable transactions as method of payment because we are now living in the world where technology has taken over almost everything, thing is, this technology is bring some harms we are just not paying attention to them.

In today’s world we now have a lot methods of making payments such as bitcoin and other crypto currencies, most of this currencies are not traceable, wallet can get lost, it can hackled and other problems facing this things so if you are not so smart of expert in dealing with crypto currencies, the best thing is to stay away from it.

Ways To Retrieve Your Lost Assets

Chat Screenshots

The very first and the most intelligent thing to do is to make screenshot of your conversation with the vendor maybe on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter.

Using Bank Account Details

At least, you must have transferred money to the vendor online or send money to the vendor with some kind of modern payment, you must at least have the details of the account your sent money to, the address you sent the money to or the transaction ID.

Taking Details to Bank

No bank will like to support fraud, as it might affect their own business, so gather all these documents and take it to the bank, go to the customer service of the bank, file a complaint and let them understand what has happened to you.

They must be ready to help you as customer, if they can’t help a customer out of a problem like this, its indeed unreasonable to still be using their bank after all there are many bank looking for customers in the country.

You might not have enough reason to go the vendor’s bank especially when it is not the same bank as yours, but when your bank understand and have enough reason to help you, then they can file a complaint to the recipient bank and request for the vendors (scammer) to come to bank, otherwise his account will be freeze up and take away his right to use his account again, unless he show up in the bank.

Reporting to the Authorities

The account of the scammer might be empty which will make him not to visit the bank, this is where you will have to involve the police as the bank will not want to release their customer information to you, but they might be able to give it to the police, for formalities.

Involve your lawyer also to work with the police, with the help of these two, you must be able to get the scammer and retrieve your lost assets


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