Reviews on CorelDRAW 2020


We are all conscious of the newest updates in Corel Draw 2020, amazing textures and bitmap effects, it not even doubtable if it’s the simplest to use or not, but there are some things we should always consider when choosing version of Corel Draw to use.

Corel Draw 2020 is meant for computers with good or let me say fast processor and memories, it’s not even advisable to use Corel Draw 2020 with a system of Dual Core processor. Below are what you ought to consider first before going for Corel Draw 2020.

1. System Specifications for Corel Draw 2020

This is the primary thing to think about when installing any program, is the System ok to be used with Corel Draw 2020?, will it not be hanging or force stopping?, that’s an excellent question, among others, because that only will feed you up when designing, it’d even get you discouraged, and abandon the work you’re even doing.

When going for Corel Draw 2020, I will be able to recommend a system a processor of not less that Core i3 and memory of nothing less than 6gb, with this, it’s not expected to be hanging or force stopping if you’re not using cracked version.

If your system doesn’t meet the above specifications, i will be able to advise you to not buy or install the Corel Draw 2020.

2. Are You Skilled Enough To Use Corel Draw 2020?

We all want to use the newest software right? But are we all enlightened on the utilization of the software? can we actually use it? Because, if not someone that is just coming into the profession recently, you can’t actually learn graphics with Corel Draw 2020, so are you ok to use the software, if not, well, you don’t actually need software.

Considering the very fact the you’re skilled equally with the use of both CorelDRAW 2020 and lower versions of CorelDRAW, and your system meet the need for installation and good use of the newest version then maybe you can develop yourself more on CorelDRAW 2020.

3. Are You Skilled More Better In Using Lower Versions of Corel Draw?

If yes, then maybe you ought to stick with what you are familiar with, that’s when you are going to be ready to give your client the simplest of you.

You don’t actually need the newest software before you’ll perform your usual magic, since it’s something you’ve been doing, but, if using the newest software will allow you to be more creative or more productive, and your system is good enough to have it installed, then it’s better to use the newest one then.

Someone like me now, there are some things i use in CorelDRAW 2020 that aren’t in the lower version, but it seems to be in CorelDRAW 2018, something like “Camera Effect” in bitmap, and I use it in most of my jobs and a few other functions, so if it’s an equivalent thing for you, then the CorelDRAW 2020 is there for you.

4. What sort of Job Are You Doing With this CorelDRAW

This is another thing we should always consider before installing the CorelDRAW 2020, are you using it for 3D designs on small vector designs, or even bookwork, and if your regular job is bookwork, then maybe you ought to use lower versions, since there’s no much designs involved in bookwork.

Some people actually wonder if CorelDRAW are often used for bookwork, Definitely, it can be used for book work, if your are skilled enough.


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