Redmi Vs Samsung – Full Comparison Between Xiaomi Redmi and Samsung

redmi vs samsung
Which one is better Between Redmi and Samsung?

Well, technically, morally and mentally it is a complete disrespect to compare Samsung with Redmi, but modernly, and psychologically, we can still compare them to know which is the best.

Nowadays, we just dont keep respecting a brand for popularity or how much people are liking or have liked the brand, we need to check deeply on the brand and compare it with other growing brand.

Even the most respected Apple’s leatest iPhone is technically not upto to the level of Samsung latest phones not to talk of Redmi.

Well, keep following this post and lets check which one is better or which one is the best, we will have to check every aspect of both phone to have the full comparison so let’s go.


Samsung battery dont really last longer, and I can tell you from experience because I have used both phones, and I can tell you Redmi batteries are better. So in this category, Redmi’s Battery is better so Redmi wins.

Factory App
(Phone’s Follow Come Applications)

Chai, here, it is somehow complicating cos Xiaomi are bringing some things to the phone that we have never seen before in any other phone than Xiaomi’s Redmi.

Well, Samsung phones performance is all satisfying, something like there Face Unlock, Operating System among other things, but if we should talk about Redmi’s Second space and remote control, it will completely swallow every other apps Samsung is having.

Redmi’s Operating System is also beautiful and satisfying. So in this Category Redmi Wins.

Screen Touch

We can’t even talk about anything in this category, with the smartness and how sharp the Samsung touch is, compared to Redmi’s, Samsung wins hands down.

Rating / Review

In this catergory, if we should talk on how peole rate both, people are currently rating Samsung more than Redmi phone, so here Samsung wins with no disputes.


In this category, Samsung is having better network adaptivity than Redmi and Internet is even better and fast on Samsungs, but Redmi have some connections like infrared (which is also in network category) to power some apps like TV control which would have made the comparison a draw, but we cant rate the TV Control in two places, so Samsung wins in this category.

Phone General Performance and Speed

With less words, Samsung wins, with no long talk.

Demand (Best Selling)

As Samsung is costly to maintain and even costly, people are still demanding for the phone, well, people have been recently demanding for Xiaomi’s Redmi phones but maybe people are just demanding for it cos it is a new brand and people just want to test it. So currently and presently we will consider Samsung to be best selling, we will come for this debate in years to come when people have known Redmi like they have known Samsung to consider which one is still selling better. So, in this category, Samsung wins


Samsung will always be the best in designs, the are even producing some phones now with foldable screen, so how are we supposed to compare a phone with foldable screen to phone with no foldable screen. So in this category, Samsung wins hands down.


They are even rating Samsung camera than iPhone’s so what are  we supposed to say in this category.

Result / Conclusion

Xiaomi’s Redmi : 2/9

Samsung : 7/9

Therefore, Samsung is still better than Redmi.

Note: Phones compared are phones with almost of same prices, Samsung is currently producing some phones Redmi are not dreaming of producing in years to come, So the comparison is for phones with almost same amount.

Note: This comparison is not meant to determing how great or bad any brand is, but just our thoughts at Stom Crafts Media.


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