Apps PES 2022 – Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 ( EFootball)

PES 2022 – Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 ( EFootball)

efootball pes 2022

eFootball PES 2022 download free pc is not any more yet that doesn’t imply that Konami is resigning from the footballing scene following a multi decade competition with EA’s FIFA series.

All things being equal, Pro Evolution Soccer has been rebranded as eFootball. The game is now available to be played across PS5, Xbox Series X and other game playing platforms.

Your one step away from downloading eFootball PES 2022 free full pc download,


Microsoft Office Word 2007 

Someone said to me last Month that we make uncommon opinions and reviews on applications and appliances, and yes, we our review can be ridiculous at times, but thank God those that criticized us are not reasoning with us.

There are several versions of Microsoft Office Word, right from MS Word XP, MS Word 2003, MS 2005, MS 2007, MS Word 2010, MS Word 2013, MS Word 2016, I am sorry if I have missed some versions, but those are the versions that I have used, and all are indeed great applications, thanks to Microsoft for all that.

Why would some prefer lower version of application than latest versions?, that is a question is usually give answer to, some people think I’m we don’t have good computer system, that is why we made such reviews, but no, that’s, not it, but maybe we just have to be different from other blogs in one way or the other.

Should we call it function or performance, besides; you understand what I’m talking about already.

There are actually some incredible works MS Word 2007 can do that are not in the later versions of the application.

Document Scaling:

The “ZOOM” part in “print window” is no more available in the later versions of the application. The pages per sheet might be available but the scaling is no more available, so it makes it hard or not possible when working on the later the later versions.

Document Scanning

Document scanning is not available in the later versions and it is a very important tool for someone like me, I can’t do without document scanning, this is 2021 for goodness sake, I can’t be typing already typed document.


Looking at the MS Word 2007 UI, is looks rather simple, though it is not so much different from others, but is looks simple and very easy to use.

General Usage

Some things are not easy to get in the later versions that their positions has been changed (where they are), and something that someone is used to, it won’t be very easy to adapt to the new one.

Doing something like locking document, accessing recent documents, these are all in the file menu, making them very easy to get to,  very easy to use and making it very easy for the user to work with.

We won’t be able to complete the review and analysis here, you can very much anticipate it in the coming week.


How to Connect WhatsApp with Computer

As WhatsApp is one of the most important app we use on phone, people that works with computer might find it difficult to be pressing phone, at the same time chatting with phone.

That’s why we are here to show you how to connect WhatsApp on your phone with your computer system, with the same account (the same phone number)


  • Internet Connection
  • Web Browser (Google Chrome specifically if available), because it has been tested with no problems
  • Internet connection (we all know whatsApp is not free and the same applies to this one also.
  • WhatsApp account already registered on your phone

 How to Connect WhatsApp with Computer

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, (registered WhatsApp)
  • Goto more options on the home screen of your WhatsApp
  • Select Linked Devices
  • Click Link A Device
  • Goto on your web browser, and your definitely going to need an internet connection for that.
  • Scan the code displayed after going to the above link.

Then your WhatsApp is connected.


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