Nigerian Youths Showed Interest in Halloween Party


Nigerians have surprisingly shown a growing interest in the Halloween holiday with terms such as “When is Halloween?”, “Meaning of Halloween” and “Halloween Story” topping Google search queries over the course of the year. the week before October 31, 2021. Halloween, considered a Western tradition, is celebrated annually on October 31 in the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), Ireland, Scotland, United States of America and various European countries.

The word “Halloween” comes from the eve of All Saints and means “consecrated evening”. The tradition has an ancient Celtic origin. Pope Gregory III in the 18th century made November 1, “All Saints”, a time to honor saints. All Saints’ Day then incorporated part of the Celtic tradition to pay homage to the saints.

The day before she appeared as All Hallows Eve. Halloween is marked as a global holiday with increasing popularity among young adults interested in costume parties and passionate about social media.

During Halloween, people dress up as celebrities or favorite movie characters.The houses are decorated like haunted houses with spooky themes and the children go from house to house to buy candy or candy, called treats or treats.


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