Free Browsing MTN Unlimited Free Browsing 2023 With Stark VPN

MTN Unlimited Free Browsing 2023 With Stark VPN

Here we go again with another mind blowing free browsing for our visitors, this time it is with MTN and it works with either 3g or 4g, just make sure the network is perfectly ok and you are not have any data on your sim then you are good to go.

This cheats might need you to briefly use data to refresh the app settings so as to bring the exact tweak you need for you, so I will recommend you have at least 1mb on the sim for start and after the app has loaded the tweaks you need for the cheat to work then you are good to go with 0mb.

How To Activate The MTN Unlimited Free Browsing

  • Go to playstore and download the Stark VPN
  • Then tap where you see None or Direct to select the tweak that will work for the network.
  • Then click on update at the bottom of the shown menu, here is where you will need the 1mb because the tweak wont show if you do not have at 1mb that can be used to refresh the tweaks.
  • The select the Tweak with the title “MTN Unlimited 2022 or 2023”
  • If that doesn’t work, select other ones like “MTN 50mb Daily”
  • Then click connect, once it connects, you are good to go.



The Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used and the most functioning web browser to ever surface on the internet.

We all know Google Chrome and what it is, being a very good and useful web browser, it is actually the best as we speak, ranging from being able to visit almost all public websites, fast browsing and others.

Google Chrome has been existing from very long ago, and has been serving us all back to back, its availability can’t be left out as Google has made the app available for all operating systems, for both computers and mobile phones.

Google made sure the app is available for both X32 bit and X64 bit, android, mac and Windows operating systems.

Talking about Chrome, we can’t overlook the great job Google has made, making the app to be free for everyone, despite its usefulness, it could have been something we will be paying for it not the generosity of Google.

Being a freeware, it makes it easy to be able to get all over the internet even apart from the authorized platforms like play-store and others.

Google Chrome has always been standing out among others and will definitely be standing out always for some reasons stated below.

Why choosing Google Chrome, why we all go for Google Chrome, there are several reasons are far as I am concern, below are some of the reasons.

Search instantly

You can possibly search on Google Chrome in the text bar at the top on both mobile and pc, where you were supposed to type the website address you want to visit, they have made it so simple that if the website you type is not available or does not exist, it will automatically tell you to Google search the same name for similar websites of other results.

Quick Access to Apps

In the new Google Chrome, it has been modified to show all of Google apps, Gmail, Map and others, this option is at the top left corner of the app home screen, where you will be able to access all apps from Google, there is actually no other browser like this.

Type less

Google Chrome was designed to minimize users’ stress, it has been designed to auto fill passwords and recent searches, it makes is so easy typing less than supposed. If you have filled a form before on chrome and you have to fill the same form again with the same information, chrome will be bringing data that you have entered before as suggestion to make it easier for you to fill the form faster and easier, it will just fill the form for you with a click after the suggestion has been shown.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

Google Chrome now show open tabs, bring you to where you left exactly, with no tab missing.

Personalize Chrome

Browse just the way you want everything to be, you can change themes, colors and get amazing wallpapers in HD, and personalize everything in Google chrome.

Stay Safe with Chrome

You can synchronize your Chrome, making all your data and information safe in chrome in case you lost your device, if synced, you can get them back on your new device. Get the app and find out more about the app.


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