Others Microsoft launches Windows 11

Microsoft launches Windows 11

Though Microsoft has said it that Windows 10 will be the end of the Windows Operating System, but I think the story is went another way now that that Microsoft has revealed the existence of the latest Operating System.

It has been said earlier that the news of windows 11 is a rumor but with what Microsoft announced lately, it shows it is no more a rumor but actually fact.

This new Windows 11 is going to be dropped a later version of Windows 10, for computers of not less than 64gb of hard drive and 4gb RAM.

Specifications of This Newly Invented Windows 11

This Windows has been said to have a strong security configure at default settings, making it to be more reliable.

The new Operating System is coming with full android app support, making it possible to run android app on this new Windows 11. It’s going to be very interesting.

We will now be having multiple desktop windows like how it used to be on Mac and even on Windows 10 too.

The “Start” button that has been staying on the left side of the task bar will now be able to sit at the middle of the taskbar, is it not wonderful, I particularly like this one.

There are going to be interesting wallpapers, beautiful themes on this new update.

Any updates installation will be very fast and will be able to install in background, not like that of Windows 10 that take several minutes to update tell you not to shut down your computer until the update is  complete.

Xbox games as it was on Windows 10, with help and support from the Microsoft team.

This Operating System is to be made available in the coming week for developers and its app store will be made more profitable for creators and developers.

This particular update was said by Microsoft Chief Executive SatyaNadella that, it is like a major update, something they have been planning to do and are really proud of to release.

This Windows 11 update was invented to be like the end of Windows Operating System, where they are planning of fixing all bugs and complains in the Operating System. It was said to be the greatest of the greatest Windows Operating System, to serve human for a very long time. Microsoft made it known to the mass that, they do rather bring this new operating system than to keep on update the past Windows 10 which might not be satisfy people’s want enough.

Meanwhile, according to one of Microsoft analysts this Windows 11 was created using the Windows 10 code, so it must be free from all sort of update bugs and problems, user-friendly as it has been and more good-looking.

As June 2021, the statistic of people using the existing Windows 10 is 1.3 billion and proposed to be retired in 2025, According to Microsoft.

Were you expecting another Operating System from Microsoft, about from Windows, well, I was, as I just keep wondering what this Windows 11 really mean, let us all get a copy and have a taste of this massive update.


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