Living the best out of life

Life is never a thing to be understood, our existence, growth, foods we consume, everything about it, everything seem complicated.

We don’t really need to think deeply about all these things as they look not understandable to me, like how can you understand how sleeping with each other turns to new human in the belly, how foods gives energy, science and technology can only claim to prove this, but everything is God’s work.Well, to live the best out of life, there are some laws we should abide by, some rules we should follow, if we actually need to.Let’s first talk about some things before talking abt the laws.


To live the best out of live, one must plan his growth, the growth might be in many ways but whatever way it is, it must contribute to physical, financial, mental or physical increment of the person.Well, nothing can be done without getting money, money solve almost every problems and there are problems that everyone will definitely encounter with will require having money.

Almost every life endeavour need money, so if a man is not working on growing his money, soon or later he will have to face some challenges which will only be to be solved with money, so definitely, having money is part of live.

Mental growth usually comes naturally, but man must try to grow more mentally. It is natural for every man to grow mentally as time pass by, as we grow older we gain experience so we grow mentally and get more ways of dealing with things.

Talking about physical growth, this is so different from being getting tall or getting fat, it’s more than just normal physical growth people use to talk abt, here we are talking getting oneself multiplied, creating a new family, afterall everybody will want to give birth to someone after being given birth to, so creating your own family and multiplying yourself is the physical growth we are talking about and a man without this is actually not leaving the best of his and he can do better.


When human feed on a good food, that’s when we grow normally, thinking normally and do what we are supposed to do as we are supposed to do it, no one can actually survive without food, but living a good life involve taking something good in and giving your body what it actually deserve.


All what we have been discussing above might not be possible if without work, without something to bring money.Everyone need a work to get money, something to put out brain into to get money. When we have a profession and work hard that’s when people will say we make a living, people actually identify working and making live. When they ask what you do for living they are actually talking about your work, your profession.


Every man most creat his own family after being born into a family, after getting to some certain age, we all want to get a life partner and create a new family, even an orphan will have friends and later get married and create a family, can someone actually survive without family?, Well, I don’t think so, but if it’s possible, such person is not making the best use of his life.Family improve a lot of things in our life, family are people you talk to everyday everytime to get your brain refreshed, get assistance. So i don’t think man can survive without family.


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