Apps List of Need For Speed PSP games

List of Need For Speed PSP games


In these games, you will have access to drive great sport cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mazda, Ferrari and lots more speeding cars. To keep your self busy or kill the boredom, then this is definitely one of those games you might want to check. Remember PPSSPP games are one of those games that easy to play and you are not limited to the popular Play Station Portable game console since you can also play this game on your Android, iPhone, iPad and even PC which sounds great.

In this article you will have access to download the below Need for Speed PSP games;

  1. NFS Most Wanted Iso file
  2. NFS Pro Street Iso file
  3. NFS Shift Iso file
  4. NFS Undercover Iso file
  5. NFS Carbon: Own the city Iso file
  6. NFS underground Rival Iso file


Skill, Time, Obsession and Might

Talent and Skills doesn’t only work alone in some cases, but they need might, some kind of non-stopping force, to keep the passion running, without letting the skill and talents in you be in vain, because when you possess skills and passion, they will be up and running without any crisis, but when there is no money involved, there will be no encouragement, there will be no force to keep the passion running, and that’s when depression sets in, giving you bad feelings about your talent, showing you fake and discouraging future of your talent.


It can even take years to figure out someone’s talent, and another problem is how to monetize a talent or should I call it a latent skill that someone is indeed passionate about. Something that is really pleasing to someone’s soul, but, the real problem is how to make money out of it.

I’ve done several jobs, because I’m indeed talented, I’ve spent time doing many types of job, and still, here I am, no money, and there is time and even passion, but maybe the force was not enough.

In this life, I have learnt that one must be able to follow his/her passion, that’s the best way to live a happy and stress free life. One must be able to turn his passion to money, something that worth someone’s time must be something that will either produce happiness or money, otherwise, such passion is nonsense and time-wasting passion.

I still happen to be among the billions of youth, who are yet to figure that out, making money with passion, turning passion to source of income, monetize their talent, in fact, that’s me.


I have witnessed a lot, where a friend had a vision of turning his time into money, he now invested his money in his time, using almost all of his money, on a business, and the business later flopped, it was a bad memory indeed.

It’s just very sad that at times when time is put into passion, talents and special skill possess by a youth, taking his whole time, it might turn to be something that was just wasting his time and resources.

Time, is said to be money (perhaps, it is because they see it as something expensive), but to me, it’s more than money, because money will take away your time, money is standing on its different lane, and time is standing on its own.

Time can be really expensive, because to make money, there will be some time spent on something, so, it is clear that time is among ingredients to be gathered to gather money.

A lot of youth out there want to make it at the early stage of their life, making them spending their time on several things, scheduling there small time to do big things, it’s even as if it is not upto 24 hours in a day to anymore, because when I have to get many things done, and then in no time its dark already, and the day will just go just like that.


Passion, when skill in connect to your heart and in your heart, it will be as if its connected to your life, so heavy that without it, you might be thinking you are nothing, or other things won’t workout.

Passion is one of the most needed element to become successful, because when it’s lost, hmm, there will be no time to perform whatever your talent is, your time will be spent on many thing that at the end, you will realize they are not reasonable.

It’s depressing that at times, when passion is lost, something that can really turn to money, and make someone to live a good life, will be around him, or even somewhere that he doesn’t need to take a step to reach, but because he doesn’t have passion for it, and he will be suffering having a very useful resources at his disposal, but with no knowledge of how useful the resources are, he won’t at all go near them.


When your skill turn to passion and you create time to implement it, that’s when might is it work, you might not notice, but definitely, there is a force that is pushing it.

There is an auto-force in passion, but it might not be enough in some cases, and when you are losing that auto-force, that is where the passion will be needed, to keep you pushing it without stopping.

With passion, you won’t be able to be comparing someone’s success with yours, the only thing you will be able to compare to yours in people success, is how you will be able to attain their level, and become successful like them, or more than them.

Might is a greatly needed tool on the road to success, but no matter what, you need skill, time, obsession (passion) and might (force) to become successful, in another word, you might need STOM to achieve success.


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