What Your Windows 7 Need To See The Best Performance Of It And Why It’s Better Than Any Other Operating Systems

windows 7

Windows 7 still remain the best and the strongest Operating System that Microsoft ever made, Windows 7 has been an Operating System for almost everyone no matter what your profession is, windows 7 will always suit your needs, that’s for sure.

With no disputes it has been tested and trusted by millions of users, even the later versions are nothing compared to Windows 7, though when it comes to beauty and theme or appearance in total, Windows 7 might be lacking some things, but if we are talking how useful and strong it is, then its Windows 7, though Windows 7 has been made to not work with some applications since Windows 10 and 11 has been released, but still if we should talk about the applications it is still compatible with, then Windows 7 is the best.

Let Me Give You 4 Solid Points To Back Up What I Have Written Above
1. Speed

With what I and most people have experienced with Windows 7, it performs faster than any other operating system, well, excluding Windows XP and Older ones, because it has less factory installed apps among other things. And if you are just managing a computer system of low specifications, windows 7 is the right one for you.

2. Simplicity

It is very easy and simple to use, no much hidden functions and the UI is very to easy grab even for people that are not well familiar with the operating system.

Generosity (Most Apps Works on it)

Yea!, that’s it, most apps works on it, not like the later versions of windows that will be complaining that most applications are not compatible with it.

If not some apps that are specially designed for windows 10 and 11, most apps works well with windows 7 and they are correctly installed, in fact, windows 7 is just like an android where most apps can be installed, and still, windows 7 is the best for commercial use. No Explanations, No Cap!

Less Battery Consumption

Yes!!!, because windows 7 has less apps running in background and definitely no much many running processes, so it let the battery to perform for longer time and even live longer.

How to Make the Best use of Windows 7
  • Make sure you are not using apps that are too heavy with your windows 7,
  • Make sure you update some of your operating systems features like .net frame work and others.
  • Use less of the Hibernating Function, don’t always put your computer into hibernation, it wrecks system.


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