How to Partition Hard Disk Drive and Importance of Partitioning Hard Disk.

Well, what does Partition mean, what does it mean to partition computer or partition Hard Disk Drive.

From the word “Partition” Dividing, many other related words all mean to divide an existing space into two to create a new one that has not been existing before.

Partition simply means to divide something into two. Now, when you partition a system or Hard Disk Drive, what is the benefit, what will you gain from it?, how dangerous is it?, let get down to it to explain everything.

Importance / Uses / Benefits of Partitioning Hard Disk Drive.

When you partition Hard Disk it will give you a chance to name the new volume anything you wish to name it, so it will be very easy for you to just assign the new volume for anything you wish to do with it, maybe for videos, document, pictures or anything you think you want to do with it.

Below are just some benefits you will get from partitioning your Hard Disk
  1. Have the new volume named to match what you really want to use it for and it will make it easy to quickly identify the volume in “My Computer”
  2. It will mentally look like your hard disk has been expanded and it is having an additional space, whereas it not. Lol.
  3. It will give you a new space to keep your documents safe and won’t be on the same hard disk with the Operating System in case you need to format your computer anytime.
How to partition Hard Disk Drive.

It is a very simple process but can just take you a few minutes before you can get it down, but trust me, it worth it, when you finally get it done, you will be very glad, we are sure of that.

Now, to how to partition your system.
  • Click the start button and type “Partition” it will bring some results, click on “Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions” and a new window (Disk Management) will pop up.

How to partition hard disk drive

  • From the list of available disks, right-click the hard disk drive you want to partition and click shrink volume.

How to partition hard disk drive

  • A new window will pop up showing “shrink volume” follow up the new window till it ask you to set the size you want for the new volume

How to partition hard disk drive

  • Right-click the new volume as shown in the image below to activate the new volume and rename it.

How to partition hard disk drive

  • Assign a letter for the volume and the volume label; the volume label is the name you want the partition to be showing as the disk name..

How to partition hard disk drive

  • It will automatically format the new volume to make it active.

How to partition hard disk drive

That’s all, you now have your Hard Disk partitioned, and you can still partition new partition if you want.

How Dangerous it is to partition Hard Disk.

There is no danger in partitioning hard disk, the only problem that might arise from it is for you to make a partition that is not having an operating system active (clicking “Mark Partition as Active”), it will become the primary partition and your system will not be able to boot to operating system, since the one having the operating system is now the secondary hard disk.

Just be careful when partitioning your hard disk drive, That’s all.

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