How To How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

MTN auto renewal is an option in data subscriptions that MTN has made available for their customers and once this option is active, your data subscription will be renewed automatically upon it’s expiration. In this complete step by step guide, I will show you in details, how to cancel auto renewal on MTN Data Plans.

Sometimes, a user can unknowingly sign up for the auto renewal, while sometimes, a user can set it up intentionally but as times goes on, he or she might decided to change data plan subscription and for MTN to stop renewing the previous data plan for you automatically, you will have to send an instruction to them and tell MTN to disconnect the service on your line.

how to cancel auto renewal

In our previous guides on MTN cheap data Plans, I always instruct individuals to select one off purchase option and with this option, your data will not be renewed on it’s expiration until you dial the code again and re-subscribe to the data plan intentionally.

How Did MTN Auto Renewal On Data Plans Works
As it has been explained in the previous part of this guide, it’s an option in data subscriptions, which gives MTN the permission to renew your data plan for you once it expires. Once you have this option active, MTN will renew your data for you on its expiration whether you like it or not.

For example, if you subscribed to any data plan on MTN and during the subscription, you choose the auto renewal option, the data cost N200 and will expire in the next 7days, on the 7th day, MTN will deduct N200 from your Airtime balance automatically and your data will be refiled for you regardless of either you want to re-subscribe or not.

What if I don’t have enough Airtime
If you activate the auto renewal during your subscription and upon the data expiration, you didn’t have airtime on your sim card or the airtime is not up to the amount to be deducted, the auto renewal will fail and you will be told to recharge your line.

How to avoid MTN auto renewal
Though, the main aim of this guide is to show you how to cancel auto renewal on MTN but what if I show you how to avoid it and prevent yourself from getting into the trap initially. To some, it’s fine because they don’t switch data plan or whatsoever.

To Avoid the MTN auto renewal, during your MTN Data subscription, always pay attention to the options on the screen, you will get to a stage where you will be asked if you want auto renewal or one-off purchase, always choose one-off purchase and with this, you will have full control on your data subscription and be able to determine when to subscribe and when not to.

Why Do I Need To Cancel Auto Renewal On MTN Data Plans
There are countless reasons why you can decide to deactivate auto renewal on MTN Data subscriptions, which I believed that you have one or two of this reasons and that’s why you are here reading this guide on how to cancel auto renewal on MTN.

When you cancel auto renewal on MTN, you will have full control on your data plans, you will be able to switch from one plan to another Without any form of stress and above all, it prevents unwanted deduction on your MTN line.

For example, if you have an airtime on your MTN sim card and the Airtime is for another important purpose and this moment happens to be the time that your previous data subscription expired, you know MTN will deduct the airtime to refill your data and you won’t have any option to recover this Airtime.

How To Cancel Auto Renewal On MTN Data Plans
This is the main aim of this guide and in this section, I will be showing you multiple ways in which you can cancel auto renewal on MTN. There are more than one method you can utilize to cancel auto renewal on MTN and I am going to list them out in this guide and show you in details, how to use each in canceling auto renewal on MTN.

Whether you mistakenly activate the auto renewal option, or you intentionally activate it before but don’t want it anymore, StomCrafts has gat you covered. I will show you in this section, how to deactivate auto renewal on MTN.


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