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How Technology Can Affect You and Your Environment – Technology Might Ruin The World Volume 3

Before reading this article, you can check the volume two of this article here in case you have not seen it.

There is a saying that environment says alot about a person and for a stranger in my environment (Lagos, Nigeria) there will definitely be some challenges and for a student like me and also a technologist, most technology assignments has been pushed to me which has been some kind of burden to my life.

As we all know destiny is greater than any other thing you or I might plan to do or be in the life, I have tried to dodge most of the jobs but I can’t actually dodge my destiny after all.

This has affected me in several occasions, disturbing my personal life, when I will have to fix people’s problem when I’ve not even fixed mine, I became popular in my area, I install television for many houses, even it disturbed special skills that I paid for online to learn, at the end I will not be able to be online for tutorials.

People even brought to me anything pertaining to computer or technology because the known if it’s not computer it can’t be interesting to me, but what if computer doesn’t? Something else would have been interesting to me though, I believe that, I can’t just be sitting down every time doing actually nothing.

Since I live in most civilized city in my country, many people come around, my city, for greener pastures, well, my city is occupied, there can’t be increase in population any more.

We are more than enough in my city already, people put on generator for power supply every time there is power failure, and the sound of the generator is enough as a disturbance and we can’t listen to music any more, I have to listen to music with headset on which affect my hearings, had it been there was no generator invention, all of us would have been in darkness with total silence, I wouldn’t wish for that either.

The highest of all, was when I was down, feeling depressed because of what I saw online, how people live good life, I saw wealthy people living a better life than mine, this was a challenge and it actually led to depression and thank God, I was better and even now ok when I was counsel by my dad.

Where I live in (Lagos) became the city with the most highest population, now people are more than job, there is no occupation for anyone anymore, people started to surfer all in the name of living in a big city.

Since there is not job, people don’t have money to good education, most children become illiterate, living the street dirty day and night, average percent of these residents are literate and aware that clean environment plays a huge role for a healthy person.

Internet becomes filled with picture and videos of people suffering, though government came in to help people, but how many people can the government help? Technologies actually cause damage to human life but if people are wise enough, they must be able to make us of the technology and even internet in a good way to earn a living.


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