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Hard work, Grace or Passion, Which of these 3 is a better way to Success

Well, this might want to look like a post we have made in the past titled, “Strength, Time Obsession and Might”, but trust me, it is not the same.

It will be very rare for you to see repeated article on our website, meanwhile if you find anything like repetition, it must definitely be that we are making more explanation in the second post.

Well, this might be confusing, to highly religious people or people that base their life on only religion and what God will do directly for them, they might say, Grace will be of 70% and hard work and passion will take the remaining 30%.

The thing is, all of the three is having equal weights, which mean each carries around 33% of success, this simply mean before attaining success, one might need the 3 at same rate, but in some cases, some people use to be really lucky, that without much passion and not much hard work they just have the grace of God, and attain success in a very small period of time and putting a very small effort.

This kind of people will see the work so easy, it will be like something that doesn’t worth the time other people are spending on the same work, but in a very small and logistic word, it’s just grace speaking for them.

That’s why there is an adage that says, “when you making it, don’t believe other people are lazy”, for it is just God that made it easy for you, but seriously, without not saying someone is too religious cos actually no one is too religious here, when grace is speaking for someone, passion and hard working will have to stay cool in one corner.

Yes, grace can work for someone and make his/her work a lot easier, but without passion that get the person started, he/she wont be even have the chance to put in had work not to talk of having grace to achieve it.

Now, let’s talk about someone that has passion to run a business or passion to do something, without hardworking, and the person is now unlucky too, definitely having the luck left out, is the person going to be able to achieve a thing a least, will the person even achieve anything in his life? Hoe much is the passion going to last in his/her heart but it dies? Will he ever achieve a thing?

Definitely, unlucky someone will never be able to achieve anything easily, not to talk about someone that has lost hardwork, nothing to fuel the passion, and definitely, the passion to do the work will soon die, especially, when he sees some difficulties doing the thing.

Now, lets check hardworking, some that is very, very hard working will wake up in the middle of the night to do what ever he want to do, for the hardworking in him will never let him rest till he achieve his goal, now, if the person is unlucky too, that is, having the grace of God left out, definitely, all his hard work is going to be in vain, and might later not be able to achieve his goal, such person might have to the work for a whole without any achievement, but later such person might achieve his goal, since he is hardworking, he’s never going to get tired doing it, so he will be able to continue no matter what bring get him started at the beginning.

Now, let’s imaging someone with grace, no passion for the work, no handwork, let’s take a social media influencer for example, when he just open the account just for fun and he start to have a lot followers, in no time her has change his bio to Social Media Influencer and people have started bring advert for him to run, that is pure grace not like someone with just hard work, trying to build account for 3 years with no followers, every people follow him and unfollow back the second day.

Now, it looks like all what someone need is just the grace of God, just to be lucky and other things will be easy, this is not even about being too religious, but I thing lucky is so much important in whatever we do.


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