Facebook Office in Lagos


With the ongoing pandemics outbreak throughout the world, Facebook on last Tuesday made it known to the world that the pandemic is really disturbing their service and ad revenue on which their company depends.

The world greatest social media made it known to everyone that they will be opening an office in the most crowded city in Nigeria which is Lagos, as part of their promise to invest in Africa.

The proposed office has been said to become operational in 2021, and aimed to support the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region, as announced in the past week by Facebook.

As announced by Facebook, when this office is finally opened, it will be the first in Africa to have a team of engineers, expert one, and building for the outlook of Africa and beyond. The office is also said to be having various teams monitoring from across the business, including sales, partnership, policy, communication as well as Engineers.

The Head of New Products Experimentation of Facebook (Ime Archibong), said the proposed Lagos office will be producing exciting new opportunities in digital innovations to exist from Africa and taken to the rest of the world.

From the whole of Africa we are seeing giant talent in our bionetwork and we are proud that with the proposed new office, we will create products that will bring development to Africa, and the world at large, with African at the rudder.

Looking forward to greatly participate in development of African technology network. After the HG_Hub opening in 2018, this is the first new office opening since then, it first flagship community hub space in Africa.

CcHub is a greart partner making this new office opening possible, and the opening of Small Business Group (SBG) in Lagos in 2019, in partnership with Teleperformance”, Archibong said.

The Director of Public Policy of Facebook in Africa (Kojo Boakye), said that the new office is like a new progress as it has been their aim to be all over the world, and this is a great success to Facebook.

We are having the same mission in Africa as the other part of the world, to build the world community and to bring world closer together. I am indeed excited about what we are going to create not only in Nigeria, but across Africa”, Boakye said.

The Policy Director said since he has resume office in 2015, Facebook has always been making several investments across the continent, purposely to support the growth of tech bionetwork.

He also mentioned that the support included the recent rollout of the SMB Grant Program in Nigeria and South Africa. He said it was to support over 900 business by providing a combination of cash and ad revenue to assist small business to recover from the fall created by COVID 19.

The Regional Director of Facebook, Africa, said, “We are very happy to make the new office opening in Nigeria known to the world, Five years on from opening our first office on the continent in Johannesburg, South Africa, We will make sure to continue to support and invest in local talent, as well as various communities that use our platforms.

The office in Lagos will also make sure in helping to expand how we take care of our client across the continent”.


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