Education, Power for Living

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Dear Parent, It afford me a great opportunity to share with you my experience as far as education is concerned and its influences to human life.

Education has been defined from various perspectives such as formal and informal learning process which starts from birth to grave. Before the introduction of formal education, informal education has been in existence since creation.

Right from the creation of Adam and Awwaw and their offspring, they were taught and this made them the number one agent of education.

However, the introduction of formal education by the western world, civilization follows.

At the beginning it seems as the education was progressing but at a stage, it degenerated due to factors which are not in connected to the agencies of education that serves as a factors of turning around the whole system in line with current changes in the global trend; this gave birth to the establishment of private school.

The existence of private schools is not to compete with the existing system but to complete and compliment their efforts. Let us take a look at the four important agents or factors of education and their contribution in our contemporary society. These include the family, the school, the government and the environment.

The family comprises the parent and their offspring. it is the foundation of both the formal and informal education. The father and mother are the model in whom the child will build up his/her own character, the child spent much of his time with their parent and learnt much from them at the early stage of his/her life.

The school is the only place where academic, social and moral upbringing of the child can be completed. However, as a result of the unstable government and it policies, strike is especially in public the order of the day and the school is no more reliable.

Hence, the alternative is the establishment of private institutions at all levels in the country today. We are substitution the private for the public but we are merely complimenting government effort, since government alone cannot successfully carry the burden.

The government is expected to formulate policy and provide quantitative and qualitative education for all Sunday, but aforementioned government policies are never stable. It is therefore recommended that government formulate an educational policy and ideology that suit this part of the world rather than copying educational curriculum which is not relevant to the nature of African set-up.

Parents need to follow up their wards at all levels for a complete growth of their child. Some parents instead of monitoring leaving their children to the polluted, corrupted and unsensitized society where these children are exposed to all vices.

However, it was in the past when some of our five fathers managed for forge ahead with little effort in farming and petty trading. The only way to a successful living nowadays is an all round education for our wards and this education is for life.



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