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We don’t actually need to be explaining how useful GBWhatsapp is, we all have experienced it, how good it is and how better it is than the official app itself.

GBWhatsapp by Alex Mods stands out from all other GBWhatsapps for several features, including but not limited to; themes and anti delete messages.

GBWhatsapp has features like adjustable UI (User Interface), meanwhile some other GBWhatsapp excluding the ones you will see on this website is now having ads on home screen and even chat screen.

Below are some exclusive features of the GBWhatsapp you are about to download.

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Features of GBWhatsapp

1. Adjustable UI

This GBWhatsapp is the best GBWhatsapp because it is so easy and there i no ads and even you will be able to adjust the user interface as you like, apart from online themes, you can make everything look the way you want, this involve changing chat screen bubbles, fonts, colors and others by going to the GB Settings.

GBWhatsapp settings

2. Anti Message Delete

In this GBWhatsapp, people cant delete message for you, once they send it, they can not unsend it no more, they can only delete for themselves, even if they choose to delete for everyone, it wont delete for you.

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3. Anti Status Delete

Apart from hiding read receipt, when you can hide if for your status views so they won’t know when you view their status.

Offing read receipt will only make both of you not to know when you read messages, but with GBWhatsapp, you will hide it for them and they wont be able to hide it from you.

Download the app to check out other features of the app.

Download GBWhatsapp APK

App Name:

GBWhatsapp Apk

License: Free
Version: v17.0
Operating System: Android
Size: 49.9MB

Download GBWhatsapp V17.0

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Do you worry about your messages being leaked to the internet? Do you want to find a cross-communication app that allows encrypted communication and does so free of charge? Look no further. GB WhatsApp – this is the app that you need. You can chat via video, voice calling, or messaging with as many people as you like without worrying about confidentiality.

GB Whatsapp Original Version And Mod Version

Modified means modified in GB Whatsapp. The Mod version of WhatsApp differs from the original WhatsApp version in that it has more features and is easier to use for different purposes.

GB WhatsApp apk is a professional version of the original general WhatsApp. It has many features. The most important part is the anti-ban facility. This allows users to access all information stored and shared via the GB APK mode in the event of an issue.

GBWhatsApp Apk. This is the fastest and most advantageous version of original WhatsApp communication that is readily available on the internet. GBMod developed the apk. This is a third-party app, so you will need to allow unknown sources to download it. It acts in the same way as WhatsApp, an android cross-messaging app that is free and available on the spot.

This busy world is filled with financial stress and a hectic lifestyle. WhatsApp GB Pro apk makes it possible to communicate with friends, family, and peers anywhere on the planet using free video and voice calls. Both the people involved must have the application installed. They also need to have an internet connection. The app supports attachment sharing, including images, videos, and documents.

The app will compress the attachment to the appropriate size to ensure that sharing does not become interrupted. You can create groups of over 100 members without additional cost. This will allow everyone to see the information being shared within the group. Any user can highlight a particular chat. You can change the conversation backgrounds using many themes that are available within the app. You can further share your current location with anyone at any time.

It automatically and quickly saves information, making backup easier. If you are connected to the internet, then your chat history will automatically backup. This app boasts many unique features that we will discuss later. This WhatsApp version was compatible with Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Personal Computers. You will enjoy many benefits by downloading the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK on your Android device. You can also download the latest APK version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.


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