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do you know

Hello everyone, since it’s been a while, I think we should share something that will be much more useful this time, and that’s gonna be some Do You Knows.

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1. Do you know if someone off read receipts on WhatsApp (meaning you can’t know when they view your status or when they have seen your message).

They cant also see your own, if you can’t read them, they can’t read you also, it’s them hiding it, but it’s for you both provided the other end is not an Hoodlum FC (GB WhatsApp user).

2. Do you know when you are sending a long voice note on WhatsApp, you don’t need to long press the mic button, just swipe the mic up and it’s now recording, this is gonna be relieving if you don’t know it before.

3. Do you know diamond is one of the hardest material known but will still shatter if hit with a hammer. That’s surprising uhn?

4. Do you know in 1915-16 two bullets collided from the battle of Gallipoli.

collided bullet

5. Do you know YouTuber Allen Pan created “MASK GUN” that fires masks on people’s face. Wahala be like COVID 19. LOL.

7. Do you know WhatsApp business offers online space to upload your work or business pictures, as a store just like Facebook and others and not like WhatsApp status that disappears in 24 hours, and its called catalogue.

8. Do you know what Google Lens is, then if not it’s a feature in Google and some other Google apps like Photos where you can search for the type of a particular picture in your phone. Just click on the image below anywhere you find it when you open an image to look for similar picture of the one you are lens

9. Do you know you can connect you phone and PC together, the feature in Windows 10 is called Your Phone after getting the app on the system you still have to download the same app on your phone to connect and after connection then you can perform some things on your mobile phone from your PC.

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