Days 1 to 21; My Experience at the NYSC Orientation Camp

As it has already been briefed in one of the already published posts, Click here to go to the post.

It has been written there briefly, but not everything that happened, this post is going to share all of the experiences I gain at the orientation camp.

We have discussed about the first day and the last day but even the day one has not been completely talked about, you will definitely enjoy it, just keep on reading.

Before gisting you about the first day on camp, I haven’t even talked about the journey in the bus, well, though there is nothing much to talk about, the journey was good, because I was actually sitting with friendly woman with 3 children.

The woman also happened to be one of my mum’s ex students, we had a lot to talk about, we spent almost 5 of the 8-9 hours talking and gisting, the woman even offered me bread and beans cake, the woman was actually nice.

There was also a girl in the bus with us also a PCM going for camp in Part-Harcourt, for the fact that we weren’t sitting next to each other, there was no way to talk too much.

Being the only tech bro in the bus, I was the one telling them where we were and how many hours left to get to the place.

Day 1

After I have alighted from the bus that took me from home town, the bus dropped me in Kaiama where I took a bus to Boro-Town where the camp is actually.

The bike dropped me at the camp gate and immediately I dropped from the bike a boy came to me and offered to assist me with my baggage into the camp, I agreed and gave him N200 for the service rendered.

As I was about to enter the camp gate, a police officer told me to put on my nose mask and I did, I entered and I saw a lot of guys at the gate doing Covid 19 test, a lot of people are already at the camp before me as the camp has already been opened a day before I arrived there, I dropped my luggage with the officers at the gate to join them, after finishing the Covid test I picked up my luggage again to secure a bed in the hostel.

After getting booked the officer gave me a card containing my bed number, as I was going to the hostel to drop my baggage, I discovered a guy was following me, he was going to the same hostel I was going, since we were going to the same place, we did a little pleasantries he told me his name is James (a.k.a. Quino, a.k.a. Daddy Awon Girls) lol, and we entered the hostel together.

“This is my bunk, BJ” James said to me, and I answered him, here is mine, I dropped my bags and I went to the Pavilion for documentation.

I did the documentation but I didn’t get my kit that night, I walked to the hostel after the documentation to eat, that was when I saw James again, he told he was about to go to mammy, I followed him and we both ate rice, we were still eating before they sounded the bugle and soldiers was pursuing people out of mammy, we both rushed out of the mammy market and went to our hostel (Male Hostel 1 known as Patriotic Hostel 1) and the time was exactly 10pm.

As boys use to do, almost everyone was busy with their phones, unfortunately they were not only busy with their phones, they were talking and singing making a lot of noise, after some minutes of noise, a soldier came to warn us of the noise but didn’t stop.

After several minutes and the noise didn’t stop, the soldier came again but this time he didn’t come alone and definitely didn’t come to warn us, he came with another soldier making them 2 soldiers to beat us out of the hostel.

We were all sent out of the hostel the very first night I got there, to many, it was a punishment but to me it was fun, the CC (Camp Commandant) was standing in front of us yelling; “You told us you are all a graduate, that’s why we allowed you here, how dare you come and be disturbing our peace here, you will not make noise again from now on, is that clear?” we all said YES, another soldier said “Say YES SIR” and we all answer; YES SIR.

When the CC was done talking to us, they sent us back to our hostel, some of us slept and some continued pressing their phone, I was one of the phone presser gang though.

Day 2 At the NYSC Orientation Camp


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