Others Cybercrime (Technology Might Ruin the World Vol. 2)

Cybercrime (Technology Might Ruin the World Vol. 2)

In recent days, theft and fraud have been a very common thing, more like a new profession in town, you can’t go anywhere, any country without having to seeing people being scammed or duped electronically.

In some countries, the amount of money someone that can be withdrawn a day has been reduced to around 5% of what people was able to withdraw, in a case like this people will have to keep more money in the bank, even the old people that are not used to the method of saving money in the bank are now forced to put their money in the bank.

This new policy will make people put more money in the bank and that is some kind of money will targeting; when the amount is quite huge.

So this kind of policy might grow the number of theft as people will know that almost everybody now has certain amount in their bank account, and they might be targeting how to hack such account as not all of us will be so mindful of protecting out account correctly.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is making use of what is not truly yours in a bad of abusive way with the use of the internet or connected computers. When people go on and take control of what is not theirs which is particularly electronically making the use of one computer or two.

I guess 50% of us have witnessed what a cybercrime, at least most of us must have been a victim of online fraud or debit card fraud, that’s exactly what a cybercrime is.

In this article we won’t only be discussing what a cybercrime is but we will also be discuss different type of cybercrime, how to guard your properties against cybercrime, and some examples of cybercrime.

Causes of Cybercrime

At times, cybercrime can result from greediness and at times it results from loose guarding (carelessness). Some people might doubt it that how can say cybercrime or fraud is a result of greediness, meanwhile I’ve seen a lot of people being a victim of cybercrime due to their greediness, we will discuss all that too in this article.

The above two (greediness and carelessness) are the main causes of cybercrime, if you have ever experienced cybercrime or you have been scammed before, check well, either of the two must be one of the it.

Greediness is when a link is sent to you to just click and withdraw $2,000, how on earth is that possible, though there are some business online that are just click and pay, but that must already have a solid agreement between the sender and the person that will be making the clicks, no one should ever have to click a link he/she doesn’t understand or familiar with.

Another way of being greedy is when you see something that is normally sold at $200 but now you see someone that is willing to sell the same commodity for $30, getting scammed of $30 is not even the problem, if they don’t withdraw all of the balance in the buyer’s account.

In a case like this, since everything now is done online some payment might require inputting debit card detail, and if such payment is not made to a trusted website or app, the person might get scammed,

Another easy way to get scammed is carelessness, these days, people can use another person’s computer or phone to login their account without logging out, these might be one of the dumbest thing someone can do, no matter how much you trust the person, anytime you login to someone else’s devices, make sure to log out to avoid being hacked or whatever.

Another funny thing people do is using same word as username and password, though some websites and apps are not accepting things like this anymore, but people still use it, some might just add some funny number to make it different from their username, all these must stop! If you think your password is too hard, just write it in a jotter to keep it safe.

In some cases, if your bank account or social media account is targeted by certain hackers, there might be no solutions to that, the best is to always keep your passwords, debit card safe and pray to never get attacked because some hacker won’t you to be careless with your password or anything, they just login and take whatever they want.

Prevention against Cybercrime

To guard against, cybercrime, just be at alert, use strong passwords and codes, and donot misplace or be careless with important information about your accounts, apart from these, there might be no other way to guard against cybercrime.


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