Others Can We Always Do Better?

Can We Always Do Better?

There is this long time saving that, “do your best and leave the rest”, leave the rest for who? Maybe God, but actually God won’t physically come to do what is supposed to be done.

Some people take this saying as an excuse and turned their selves to lazy young, because this is not always common among the old, the olds know better, they have seen better and things are more clearer to them than it is to the youths. Taking the saying as an excuse or not, people know the right thing to do as long as they are still mentally sane they can only decide to do it or not, laziness is a very great factor affecting the youth in doing their best.

Someone in his right mind willing to do his best, not ignorant of what or how to do it must be able to ask himself/herself that, is this the best I can do? Is this as far I can go? Can I not do better? Than this, but the fact is, if you can do better, it is either you are lazy or you are ignorant.

A lot of people are not ready to agree with me on this, about being lazy or ignorant if you can do your best, but is not debatable, it just fact everybody must agree with.

Definitely, if you can do better, it must be that you didn’t know how to be better in what you were/are doing (ignorant) or maybe you know how to be better but you just don’t want to do it and that’s laziness right there.

Then again, someone asked me, what about people that are too, they have a lot of things to do, so somehow they don’t always have the time to attend to everything they are supposed to attend to, what can we say about people like that? Well, you have got to know your ability, what works for you the best and you can’t have all off your 24hours a day doing several thing without knowing the one to be abandoned and the ones to be faced seriously, now, a smart person should be able to schedule himself, about time to work, play and rest, if you can’t possibly schedule yourself to know best things to attend to so you can give yourself a rest, then that’s ignorance right there.

Actually, we have got to do our best and leave the rest acknowledged or not, you just have to do the best things you think you should do, things you think are right, just go on doing them, and then everything will be fine, then you might scared of not wasting time, scared of not getting it right while test, then maybe that is laziness or something related.

A lot of people working in a firm find their selves in a situation where they can’t even do less, otherwise they will be fired, they have to do as instructed, so definitely, in their line of duty they will give their all forcefully, then get tired emotionally, psychologically and mentally that then might not be able do or attend to other things they were supposed to do perfectly, maybe at home with family or with friends, they might not be able to spend necessary time with friend as they are supposed to, they might not be able to do somethings with their family that they are supposed to, are they also lazy or ignorant.

People like this may be giving their all in somewhere else, and its affecting other parts of their life and they can’t even find out how to fix it, firstly, that’s ignorance right there we have a lot of people doing more than what they are doing and still thing settled with their family and friends without having any problems at work.

As far as human can not be perfect, everybody knows that, just do your best, do what you think is right, do what you think is the best for you and people around you with acknowledge/recognized or not, definitely, only God can reward our struggle, we can still give our and it won’t be acknowledged, we can do the best and people will not like it, so just do your best and don’t give them chance to say you can do better than this, and at the same time don’t hurt yourself trying to satisfy people, you actually can’t.


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