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In this life, you can only succeed after building yourself, while after pass through a lot ups and downs, after taking the risk, after doing what you were told not to do, after do what everybody is scared to do, you have to build yourself first, maybe verbally, mentally, physically, or psychologically.

Building yourself will involve will involve a lot things which we will be discussing most of them in this article, meanwhile, you can check around more the site for other relatable contents.


This might be the most important thing you will need to make it as a young man or woman that’s just growing up as you will need some circle or group of people who you will build life together, as they use to say that “one tree doesn’t make a forest”.

This circle can be the step for you to grow up, to attain success and at the same time it can be the cause of ones failure, a large number of youth together don’t know when to quite friends or connection, with a gathering is no longer benefiting you, then is the right time for to take your leave.

Meanwhile, when you are in the right circle, when you have the right connection, everything around you will be so easy, you easily get connected to someone that will find you job or business that can make you a living.

Most successful people today got connected by one person or the other that introduce them to what they doing till today, no one ever brought a knowledge from heaver, if you do not socialize, you might never be able to succeed as you might never be get the right link to where or whom you will succeed from.

Another form of socializing is the use of social media, this has helped a lot of people in their various career, in today’s world everyone now use the social media, though the social media is full of bad and good but if you it the right way, you must be able achieve some.

A lot of people meet their life partner on the social media, this is another advantage of the social media which is part of socializing we are talking about. If you build yourself socially in a positive way, you should be able to achieve something good from  it.


Building yourself mentally can be a lot more difficult and stressful, not all of us are mentally brilliant, even without visiting a therapist or studying courses related to human mentality or psychology so people are gifted naturally, they find it easy to create solution to every problem that come their way, they easily improvise, if you have someone like this around you, that mean you are lucky, and if you are the one yourself, you are indeed lucky.

If you are naturally gifted as mentioned above, what you need to do now is just to sit yourself down and think about how you can better yourself, how to deal with people and situations you find yourself in and make the right choices for yourself, you are already gifted, doing this might not be hard for you, just take your time and think and everything will be well.

For people that don’t find it easy solving problems, or how to deal or relate with people, you need be calm and not respond to what makes you angry, make friends and try not to always be inside to yourself, seeing people around and seeing how people do things will boost your morale and confidence, so make sure to mix with people.

Another way you can build your mentality is reading, you will see more than what is happening in your environment, you will see and hear a lot, reading books can be one of the best ways to build yourself too.

As your mentality define how you see things, talk and relate with people, this make it so important that the slighted mistake to someone can have a very serious repercussions, so this is so important, try to be friendly to as many people as possible and anytime your body wants to react to something negatively, you must be able to caution yourself and calm yourself down to do right thing.

In some situations you might find yourself doubting and not sure of what to do, this is also part of what you need to build yourself on, when you are in doubt, think and ask yourself how decision will affect you or people around you or how each of the decisions will affect the situation on ground, and from there you will be able to make the right choice.

Another thing you can do when trying to make the right choice is to consider the good and bad side of the option, if you choose option one , what are the good that will come from it and what are the bad that will come from it, and do the same thing for option 2, and I will advise you to go for the one that is not having a lot of problems, because if you go for the one with more benefits, the disadvantages might be so little and at the same time it can be so destructive and the destruction might be some risk you are not strong enough to take or endure.


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