Best Ways to Use Android Phone with Less than 3gb Ram To Be Fast Without Hanging

We all have phones or have used some phones that are not up to what we actually needed in terms of storage space of RAM,

However, if the internal space is not enough, we can slot in memory card to have more available space, but what about RAM? If there is no available RAM, what do we do? What is the best thing to do, how can we make use of the phone in the very best way to make the phone last longer and perform at its best? All these and other things pertaining to phone usage are what we will be discussion in this post. Keep on reading.

What Is Phone RAM

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory, RAM is a space in the phone that stores data just as your memory card but it is not something you can open and store data inside it.

phone ram

RAM stores system and application files only and not your personal files, and aid in providing them to the phone/user when they are needed in the process of phone usages.

Can I Expand My Phone RAM and make it More Spacious?

No! You can’t possibly expand your phone ram, There has been some applications that has been tested to expand phones RAM, but that fact is that, they will just tell you the ram is expanded meanwhile, the work of the ram will not improve just that the app will tell you that your RAM has been expanded.

Now back to our main discussion, How to make the best use of your android phone?.

Do you know you can make use of your 2gb RAM and 1gb RAM and make is fast and never hang for once or slow down just as if you are using phone of 6gb RAM or iPhone.

Below Are Detailed Ways on How To Make The Best Use of Your 1gb and 2gb RAM Phone.

1. Do Not Overload Your Phone:

This is the very first thing to take note and even the most important if you want the best performance of your phone.

Overloading your phone mean putting unnecessary apps or too much apps on your phone, you can check your phone well, and check for the apps you use the most and uninstall all other apps, or irrelevant apps.

App that you have not used for like 2 months or more are not really needed on your phone, just uninstall them to have the best performance of your phone and keeping on using only the most importance apps on your phone.

2. Close Apps That You Are Not Using

Make sure to end all apps you are not using as it is one of the very best way to take care of your phone.

The apps you open in the background will still be working, using your battery, internet and RAM, but if it is closed, it won’t use your batter or internet anymore, so just make sure to close apps you are not using.

3. Install Phone Booster:

phone master

These days, most phone comes with a ram cleaner or phone booster, but if your phone is not having ram cleaner or phone booster, then install one.

When you install phone booster or RAM cleaner, it will clear apps that are running in the background that you are currently not using which will make the phone faster.

Phone booster also open battery saver in the phone that automatically reduce the amount of stress the phone goes through, you can also turn the battery saver on by yourself to improve the speed of your phone.

Most phones these days are having the phones battery saver in the notification bar or in the phone master’s app.

4. Avoid the use of Launcher (Home App).

Yes, using launcher can reduce the performance of your phone and make  it very slow and annoying, the best launcher you can use on your phone is the phone’s default launcher, with that, the phone will perform at the highest possible speed with conveniency.

Try these 4 ways out and see how fast and last your phone will be. Well, these are what we think will best improve your phone’s performance without disturbing the phone at all, just make sure to try them out.

However, the above points are to guide your phone against hanging and slowing down, what to do when your phone is hanging or slowing might be different.


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