2022 Life Experience

Rainy Season

It’s been drizzling in Abuja for over two hours and it has been predicted that there would be flooding even though the rainy season came quite late. Two days ago, the world marked World Environment Day.

I have visited two satellite communities in Abuja; Dokwa behind Sunnyville, along Gladimawa and Sauka Kauta in Lugbe, along airport road. The communities have so many anomaly in common such as heap of wastes along the streets with unbearable smell oozing out from it.

It’s an eyesore, most residents are literate and youth who majorly educated with good fashion sense but are negligent of their environment.

I’m perturbed, too engrossed in my shock to know where to start. These refuse sites are filled with polythene bags and with the rainy season married to heavy wind. It will worsen the horrible state of the environment, where some unlucky neighborhood and streets will be dumped with moved waste courtesy of rain.

Goodbye Rainy Season

 It was a rainy September compared to the usual August alias. Finally, Biu won’t be muddy and slippery, It’s been sunny for the past three days which only means we are moving to the harmattan season.

Another reason for my take is the dust my window battles with after five days break from rain, it must be the harmattan season. This will be the perfect time to journey home before the harmattan season comes with it full force.

I have been overwhelmed and stucked with issues of life that I ignore writing about environment for too long. I hope this will be the beginning of penning down my opinion on nature and it effects on my environment. Safe to say the ecosystem is battling with issues and humans including myself is not excluded from ups and downs of life.

May we find comfort when we need it most. Cheers!

Biu Town and Webs

 There is no place in this town you won’t find cobweb, those strong wired webs with humongous looking spiders. I bet my dad won’t live here because he can’t stand cobweb, there is a spritual meaning to encountering cobwebs.

You can pass through a place and on your way back same route be overshadowed by cobwebs.

I took a flight

 I have booked a flight two weeks earlier for what is called …………. Well my Fidelity mobile app did not help at all. I had to transfer bit by bit to another person who helped me to book the flight.

At this moment, I am at the boarding hall, after checking in where the lady requested for my identification card and my ticket. She also inquired if my bag has cream in it and I affirmed.  Then a staff  who was to weigh it told me if I can’t zip my bag, it would cost me 500 hundred naira to celatape it. My brain power came on immediately and I zipped the full-tired bag.

The fair lady finally gave me two slip one for my bag and the other for me. I followed one of the air staff who took me to where my bag is checked in and directed me to boarding hall. I am there waiting quietly for 3:15 pm.

So I have boarded the plane, that requires me presenting my ID card and flight ticket. I also had to gulped down my bottle water. Omo, I am so full.

I am sitting at the window side, I love this.

-Sule Rafiat


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