10 Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone — To Prolong Your Phone Lifespan

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We spent most of our time with our Smartphone. And we want to keep our phone safe as possible, but we unintentionally do things that put our phone in risk.

Below are things that you should never ever do with your Smartphone, if you want to keep your phone safe as possible.

1. Never you Download Apps from Unknown Source:

If you download apps from the unknown source, these apps might contain the virus or malware that can steal your sensitive information.

2. Never you Use Battery Saver:

There are many apps available that claims they will save your Smartphone battery 100 %. If you download it, the app will kill your backgrounds apps, which can decrease your Smartphone performance. But if you really do have a very low battery then you can use your inbuilt battery saver instead of third-party battery savers.

3. Never you Use Cleaner App:

We always want more storage space on our Smartphone that is why we delete less useful apps or photos from our phone to maintain the storage. But we sometimes download cleaner apps to clean our Smartphone which is not healthy for our phone.

4. Do not root your Smartphone:

phone rooting

When you root your phone, you lost almost all the securities from your Smartphone. Hacking your phone will be easier, and viruses or malware attacks would be very easy.

5. Do not charge your Smartphone overnight:

When we charge our Smartphone overnight, charging goes up to 100 percent fully charged, and still, it keeps charging which decreases the battery life as well as Smartphone life.

6. Not Restarting your phone:

phone restart

At least we should restart our Smartphone once or twice a week to give your phone a fresh start.

7. Do not Use Your Smartphone While Charging it:

phone charge and use

Using your Smartphone while charging it, makes your phone gets overheated which causes the phone to charging slow and it also affects the battery life.

8. Not Updating Your Phone:

Updating your phone is very useful for your Smartphone.

9. Do not Use Public Wi-Fi:

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Whenever you are connected with public Wi-Fi, your phone is not safe, because your phone can be hacked easily. Hacking someone, phones, if he or she is connected with the same Wi-Fi, are easy.

10. Never you Give Blind Permission to Any App:

before allowing permissions from any app, check if the permission which app is asking is legitimate.

For example, let say you are downloading a calculator, and it seeks permission to access the camera, gallery and location please do not allow because the camera and gallery have no relationship with the calculator app.

Conclusion: you always protect your Smartphone from the outside using a screen guard or back cover. But you do not remember to protect it from the inside, and you will end up making some mistakes that will cost you. So, these are some points of my that we should never do on our phone.

If you feel I missed some important points then let me know in the comment section

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